Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon '11

Ok, just finished the STWM half as the 2:00 Brooks pace bunny. Best gig in running. Not only do I get to run this flat & fast fabulous course, but I am surrounded by dozens of adoring 'fans' who are thrilled to run with me. Well, they are happy to be with me until I get them within a couple of clicks from the finish line where many happily left me in their dust. Perfect weather, nice and cool, but way too windy out there til the turnaround. Pretty much everyone I started with had a great race, and I was thrilled to see them after the finish line, since most of them beat me in by minutes, but I still brought in the rest of my group at a near perfect 1:59:37, since lets face it nobody that runs with the 2:00 pacer, actually wants 2:00 on the clock! My Heart rate was nice and low in the high 120's, low 130's most of the way, and I'm extremely confident in how my running is going leading up to the Disney Marathon in Jan, and Paris in April.

Thanks again to Michael at Canada Running Series for arranging all the pacers, and getting us all nicely equipped in Brooks gear, although as a proud Brooks ID member I have closets full of their shoes and clothing already. And to Allan Brookes of CRS, for managing to consistently improve the event year after year, and for having the class to quickly send out that conciliatory e-mail to all runners who may have gotten stuck with the bag check mess this year.