Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ok, I've been much more regular recently. Must be due to all of the bran and Flax seed, but my training has been consistent too.

St. Lambert Triathlon #2 is in the books.
2005: Swim 20:39 2:46/100m Bike 51:08 23.5 kph Run 25:25 5:05min/km 1:37:11
2007: Swim 20:58 2:48/100m Bike 53:27 22.5 kph Run 28:37 5:44min/km 1:43:01

Yikes, almost 6 minutes slower! But, really I was happy with it. My Swim felt great, but I kept missing the deep wall for a big push off. Rushing too much? Maybe. More likely very uncoordinated. The Bike was disappointing since my training rides were going great and I was hitting fast speeds (over 30kph) even on my fat tires. Unfortunately, I rarely hit 30kph during the race even on the downhills. I discovered after the race that the problem was that my front wheel wasn't centered, and was rubbing the brake the whole time. What a moron... But, I was putting in a full effort and couldn't have done any better under the circumstances. The Transition jog with the bike was crazy hard. Ended up walking most of it, until some spectators shamed me back into a shuffle. The run was tough, my legs were dead from fighting the bike, and I was mentally beaten after realizing that I wouldn't even break 1:40 this year. But, after watching some people I swam with finish while I finished the first loop, I pushed it hard the last 2km, and was never passed the rest of the way.

Health Update:
Weights getting better, just 5 lbs over my previous low. But, I want to lose another 15 lbs or so to get more competitive. Ever since ramping up too fast for the Sporting Life 10km in May, I've had Achilles issues & Tight Calves. Will be switching to more supportive shoes, and I'm stretching & self-massaging to help allieve the symptoms.

Future Outlook:
Good. I'm going to Pace Bunny the ScotiaBank half marathon as the 2:15 pacer. In return I get free race entry, plus free Adidas Schwag (2 pairs of shoes, shorts, shirt, socks!). 2 weeks later, I'll be racing the Toronto 1/2. If I lose a little more weight and keep my Achilles happy, I'm hoping to PB. And for next year I've already registered for Around The Bay, which will be my first race of 30km.