Monday, July 11, 2005

Taper week has begun

Ok, got into Montreal Friday, then off to Mont Tremblant for a wedding. But, before leaving I put in my last good long run, putting in 10-12 km at a solid effort running down and then all the way up Mont Royal. Sunday, I got in @720m swimming with 600m straight. No watch on, but I felt dead after. Have to be very careful race day. I can swim at a decent clip, but it takes too much out of me, then I kayaked @2-3 km in the lake by the lodge. That was great fun, and showed me how efficiently something can be moved through the water when done right.

Monday a.m. : Did a nice 6k run in the mountains. Found it hard to breathe and was disgusted by all the flies at one point. Then jumped in the pool and did a quick 240m, working on staying slow and feeling good. Did the last lap a little too fast, but felt like I was floating better and can do it slowly enough if I stay VERY focused. If I keep up with them on the swim my race is OVER. I need to stay slow and conservative. Let them pass me every 4-5 laps if needed, then have a good bike, and blow my load on the run.

It's frustrating that I'm finally understanding swimming, but don't have enough time left to get familiar with pacing myself properly, and improving my efficiency now. Oh well, I'm confident that I'll post a respectable time (only by our families pathetic standards that is), and next year I'll be giving them nightmares. HooYah!


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